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About Us

Noise Measurement Services Pty Ltd was established in 1999in Brisbane with the specific aims of providing:

  • The hire of noise monitoring and associated instrumentation.
  • Specialised services measuring, monitoring, assessing, predicting and reporting environmental and workplace noise.

With a well qualified team Noise Measurement Services is confident of providing a cost-effective, timely and efficient professional service at a reasonable cost to all clients. 

Our Team


Max is the Chief Executive Officer of Noise MeasurementServices Pty Ltd.

He is a qualified barrister and solicitor and has hadresponsibility for managing a large number or proceedings, including negotiatedsettlements, researching and advising on civil procedure, preparing briefs forCounsel, conducting complex procedural matters at District and High Court Levelin New Zealand. He has also specialized in Civil Litigation includingcontractual disputes, building and construction. In England he worked as Financial Controller to a group of companies directed by Harvey Goldsmith CBE,Concert Promoter.

Max has represented the National Environmental Noise Service(advisor to the Ministry of Health, New Zealand) at the World Health Organisation Expert Task Force Meeting on Guidelines for Community Noise.

DR ROBERT THORNE (Bob) PhD (Principal)

Bob is the Principal of Noise Measurement Services and CEO of Acoustar WHS Training Centre.

He has extensive knowledge and expertise in environmental policy development, developing environmental management systems and land use planning. He also has considerable experience in the fields of environmental ethics and community consultation and is an expert witness in court in the field of the human perception of sound (psychoacoustics). Bob holds a PhD from Massey University New Zealand in health science (Assessing intrusive noise andlow amplitude sound). His research work involved using advanced specialized technology for intrusive noise assessment and noise monitoring systems with simplified data analysis and information retrieval protocols. A specificapplication is personalized sound reinforcement for hearing assistive devices.

JOSHUA DYER (B. Env Tech, Cert IV WH&S)

Josh is a Senior Consultant with Noise Measurement Services.

He has a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in environmental noise assessment, occupational noise assessments, and noise monitoring systems. He is primarily involved with field survey work and noise modelling. Josh has attended the distributors training course for OliveTree Lab Terrain noise prediction software for sound path analysis.


Matthew is a sound recording engineer with Noise Measurement Services.

He has worked in the field of acoustics since 2007, specialising in environmental noise modelling and entertainment noise assessments. Matthew possesses a keen interest in room acoustics that goes hand in hand with his experience and knowledge of sound recording and live sound reinforcement. Matthew has trained with Larson Davis and is certified for service and repair of the Model 831 and LXT sound level meters.


Geoff joined the team in 2013 conducting field surveys. He has since undertaken hundreds of noise surveys and has studied Work Health & Safety and Noise Management. Geoff specialises in industrial noise and possesses a keen understanding of various noise policies and their interaction with each other.


Noise Measurement Services has close working relationships with acoustic engineering, blasting & vibration, and associated companies. We are pleased to be associated with:

  • Alpha Acoustics, Brisbane
  • Astute Engineering Ltd, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • Atkinson & Rapley Consulting, Palmerston North, NewZealand
  • Heilig and Partners, Brisbane
  • Palmer Acoustics, Brisbane