QDC MP4.4 - Transport Noise Assessment

Noise Measurement Services Pty Ltd is the leading supplier of noise reports for the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 4.4 (QDC MP4.4). We can:

  • Correct the Category of Build where it is too high
  • Recommend means of reducing your category, such as fencing or design changes
  • Recommend alternative solutions where you wish to build using different elements from those that are “deemed to comply” with the Code


To background the requirements of the QDC MP4.4, any dwelling built (or renovated) in a “Transport Noise Corridor” – currently a Logan City Council, Redland City Council, or State-controlled road (visit the Queensland Government Interactive Mapping System), most rail tracks and some other local roads in the future – is required to be constructed to one of 5 categories. Category 4 is the highest, with prohibitive design requirements, and Category 0 is the lowest, with no requirements. The Categories are based on noise levels at a given distance from the road or rail track and may be set irrespective of topography or mediating structures such as fences or other houses.

Do I need a noise report?

Because of the potential for the mapping tool to overstate the noise levels at your house, a system exists for the Category to be verified and corrected by a suitably qualified acoustic consultancy, such as Noise Measurement Services. Noise surveys need to be undertaken to confirm true levels at the future dwelling façade, and the Building Certifier is notified of the results (and correct category) by way of a noise report.

Our experience of the Category system to date has shown the following indicative results:

Stated Category Common Corrected Category Report Recommended? Survey Required?
4 4 or 3 Yes Yes
3 2 or 1 Yes Yes
2 1 or 0 Yes Yes
1 1 or 0 No No

We don’t normally recommend a report if the Category is 1 as this is, in general, standard construction only. That said, some builders prefer the freedom to have no obligations attached to the construction (so that, for instance, louvre windows or other items not in the list of Deemed to Satisfy Solutions under the QDC MP4.4 may be employed in construction). We see the most value with properties assigned Category 3 as there is usually some distance to the road and there is potential for mediating structures. Category 4, conversely, is usually for properties very close to the road and the potential for reduction of Category is less pronounced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QDC MP4.4?

The Queensland Development Code sets out default build requirements for houses near major roads. It was created by the Department of Local Government and Planning (now the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning), and set out in Schedule 1 of the Building Act 1976. Mandatory Part 4.4 – Buildings in a Transport Noise Corridor – requires houses within either 50, 100 or 250 metres of a road (depending on traffic flows) to be constructed to one of 5 categories. Category 4 is the highest, with prohibitive design requirements, and Category 0 is the lowest, with no requirements.

What type of development does it apply to?

For State-controlled, Logan City, and Redland controlled roads, any building or renovation work to a dwelling within a transport noise corridor. This is enforced at the building approval stage by the certifier.

For Brisbane City controlled roads, a slightly different approach is taken. Single dwellings are excluded from assessment under City Plan 2014, but a MCU for a dual occupancy, multiple dwelling, residential care facility, retirement facility or rooming accommodation where accommodating 6 or more people, involving a new premises or an existing premises with an increase in gross floor area may be subject to a QDC MP4.4 assessment if it is within the Transport Noise Corridor Overlay. See the Brisbane City Council City Plan 2014 for more information

When did this come into force?

  • State-controlled roads: 1 September 2010
  • Rail: 2012 (specific dates vary)
  • Logan City Council roads: 27 July 2012
  • Brisbane City Council roads: with the introduction of City Plan 2014 on 1 July 2014
  • Redland City Council roads: 28 June 2019

How Long will an assessment take?

Approximately 1-2 weeks.

The design solutions in the Code don’t suit me – can I build using different materials?

Yes, subject to the approval of your certifier we can recommend “alternative solutions” that can meet the performance criteria of the Code.